CAD Prototyping - Getting it Right

There are two decisions that must be made when designing a folding carton to market, ship, and protect the product inside: what shape will the box take, and what graphics (images other than type) will be added to identify and sell the product? With advances in computer technology and CAD (Computer Aided Design), a client may see a full-color, three-dimensional mock-up of the finished product before any production costs are incurred.

Once the mechanical design is completed, the graphic images are electronically imposed on to the carton panels. The carton is then soft proofed using "PDF" or a 3D visual program for copy and graphic approvals, prior to the creation of a CAD prototype or final proof. After copy and graphic approval, the CAD sample is created. The CAD prototype is representative of the finished carton design, serving for continued marketing and product promotion prior to launch.