Why Going Green is Important

At Prime Packaging, it’s our mission to be recognized as a responsible leader in the design and development of packaging and operational processes that promote sustainability and reduce an adverse impact on our global environment. To us, sustainability involves both process and product. Our process initiatives include the use of water-based inks to help ensure high, air-quality standards for plant emissions and waste reduction programs that reduce our reliance on landfill disposal. We also down gauge materials to reduce the amount of post-consumer disposal and help with plant energy conservation efforts. Above all, we’re committed to working with you, our customers, to bring sustainable packaging solutions to the marketplace – concentrating on what we call the four R’s – Remove, Reduce, Recycle and Renew.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Sustainable packaging isn’t just a goal. At Prime Label, it’s what we do to ensure eco-friendly packaging that reduces waste, reduces emissions and helps with conservation efforts. For example, Prime Packaging initiated a recycling program in April, 2008 – where we collect all material waste from our processes (including all OPP and paper corrugate), capture it in bulk bins and haul it away on a weekly basis. This simple measure allowed Prime Label to reduce our solid waste disposal by over 70%. As part of this same initiative, we implemented a solid waste recycling program with Recycle America/Waste Management and reduced our solid waste disposals by 70%. We’re also committed to reducing our overall impact on the environment and air pollution. Even though our EPA permit allows for 21.25 tons of VOM (Volatile Organic Matter Emissions), we continue to operate at 50% below that limit – and 90% of all the ink we use to manufacture our products is water-based, which helps keep our air cleaner.