Hexachrome Chart
Hexachrome Pantone Book

Baltimore Facility Employs Hexachrome Printing for Expanded Color Gamut

What is it?

  • Hexachrome utilizes 6 color process printing with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange and Green
  • The process provides color match of 94% of the Pantone Color Spectrum with enhanced brightness and flesh tones
  • Standard graphic files are structured to utilize HEXACHROME which reduces print costs by eliminating excessive color changes and allows for wider range of Pantone Color Standards to be formatted as a collective print requirement reducing plate/prepress expense
What does it take to do it right?

  • PANTONE and HEXACHROME Color Certification
  • Densitronic Color Management provides digital color verification on press
  • Sentinel Ink System provides continuous ink system management in conjunction with the Densitronic/Spectrophotometer system
What are the advantages?

  • Reduced prepress/plate charges
  • Reduced make ready waste
  • Color management of a wide array of PANTONE Colors in 6 color process
  • Opportunity to run multiple item requirements as COMBINATION press sheet
  • Excellent color brilliance and enhanced flesh tone